Core Competencies

Windward Graduates Are:

Windward graduates ask thoughtful questions, with curiosity and openness to possibility, and conduct skillful research in pursuit of substantive questions. Building on existing frameworks, they make connections and strive for increasingly complex and sophisticated levels of thinking.
Windward graduates are dynamic discussion participants, empathic listeners, sophisticated readers, articulate writers, and engaging presenters. They express their ideas across media and modes of communication and deftly adapt their skills to new contexts.
Windward graduates identify needs, iterate questions and possibilities, and try multiple approaches. Entrepreneurial and adaptive thinkers with a growth mindset, they approach challenges as strategists, innovators, and design thinkers, generating original solutions.
From being part of a nurturing community, Windward graduates are able to take initiative, collaborate, and respond to local and global issues, building effective teams that incorporate varied voices, identities, and perspectives. As global citizens, Windward graduates engage mindfully with and respond thoughtfully to these issues.
Windward graduates are introspective, practice kindness, and discern upstanding and responsible choices. Cultivating resourcefulness and wellness, they are equipped to connect with, support, and empower others, and to live healthy, purposeful, and meaningful lives.

Windward graduates connect across differences and engage empathically with the world around them, practicing dialogue and striving for understanding. They engage mindfully and thoughtfully in ongoing learning about the values, experiences, perspectives, and identities of diverse cultures in order to foster respect and equity in their actions, relationships, and communities. They act as upstanders in the face of bias and prejudice.