By Zoey Lyttle ’17
Windward places safety as the No. 1 priority for our community. The School has a committed team of security who make sure our students, faculty members, staff, and visitors stay out of harm’s way. These guardians of the School not only provide protection, but also a happy face to see upon entering campus.
Every member of the Security Team has a specific job, but they also have a backstory of what brings them to Windward. “I used to work at a law firm near school,” said Uriel Aguirre, whom you might see monitoring the Sawtelle parking lot throughout the day. “I was drawn to Windward because everyone is really friendly.”
The camaraderie shared by not only Uriel but the entire Security Team is one of the employees’ most coveted experiences. This group spends every day together, so they make a point of having fun, enjoying each other's company, whether it be during when they team up to direct students to their parking spots or when they give parents a smile during an early morning drop-off. “Together, the staff always figures out any [issues],” Uriel said. Every player on the team works cohesively, communicating via walkie-talkie with any questions or concerns, so that they can instantly receive an answer or assistance.
Every player on the team contributes to the overall security of Windward individually. “I am lucky enough to have not run into any drama during my time,” said long-employed Mark Tronson, Neighbor Relations and Security Associate. “But it has been a learning experience.” Mark’s role is to make sure that anyone who steps on Windward ground is safe. His happy disposition brings smiles to the visitors whom he greets, executing his job perfectly after many years of practice.
Students and parents, especially those who drive their kids to school, are always greeted with the warmth and safety that our Security Team exudes naturally. These staff members are the unsung keepers of our School, and they are continually working on ways to even further improve our security mechanisms. So next time you roll around the bend of the Palms Lot or pull into that of Sawtelle, you will know that the men in black are on top of their job: maintaining Windward’s secure community.

Security Contacts

  • Emergencies during school hours: 310-391-7127
  • Emergencies after school/weekends
  • Mark Tronson 818-388-0681 (Security)
  • 24-7 Parking/Traffic Information: Mark Tronson 818-388-0681
Windward School is a 7-12, co-educational, independent day school in Los Angeles, California.