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Windward Students Present at Literature Conference

On Wednesday, February 20, 2013, three Windward students-- John Parks ('15), Jamie Hobson ('13), and Eloise Lynton ('13) -- presented their analytical papers at the Archer School conference "Literature And..."

A total of 26 essays were chosen from among more than 70 submitted from many independent schools in the area. Over the course of the day, this conference held six panels: “Identity: Defining the Self,” “Women and Power,” “Looking through the Glass: Perceptions and Distortions,” “Monsters, Crazies, and Real People,” “The Character and The Story,” “Connecting and Disconnecting.”

Both Jamie’s essay, “Jocasta: A New Woman, or One and the Same?,” and Eloise’s essay, “Gertrude: the Forgotten Feminist,” were featured in the panel on Women and Power. This panel focused on exploring women's relationship to power in history, literature, and modern life.

John Parks presented his analytic essay, “The Canterbury Tales and The Decameron: Characters vs. Story” in the panel on The Character and The Story. This panel presented unusual or archetypal characters and examine how they impact story.

The conference was a great opportunity for Windward writers to share their perceptions and ideas with other private school students in the area. The team was led by Windward English Department faculty Dr. Maja Starcevic.