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Windward Athletics

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Boys Sand Volleyball
Cross Country (Coed) - Middle School
Cross Country (Coed) - Varsity
Equestrian - Fall
Fall Sailing
Flag Football - 7th Grade Royal
Flag Football - 7th Grade White
Flag Football - 8th Grade
Football (Boys) - Varsity
Football JV
Middle School Field Trip
Middle School Swimming
Tennis (Girls) - Junior Varsity
Tennis (Girls) - Middle School
Tennis (Girls) - Varsity
Upper School Field Trip
Volleyball (Girls) - Junior Varsity
Volleyball (Girls) - Varsity
Volleyball (Girls) 7th Middle School
Volleyball (Girls) 8th Middle School
Basketball (Boys) - 7th Royal
Basketball (Boys) - 8th Royal
Basketball (Boys) - Junior Varsity
Basketball (Boys) - Varsity
Basketball (Girls) - Delphic A Girls
Basketball (Girls) - Junior Varsity
Basketball (Girls) - PBL A Girls
Basketball (Girls) - PBL B Girls
Basketball (Girls) - Varsity
Equestrian - Winter
Middle School Field Trip
Soccer (Boys) - Junior Varsity
Soccer (Boys) - Middle School Royal
Soccer (Boys) - Middle School White
Soccer (Boys) - Varsity
Soccer (Girls) - Middle School Royal
Soccer (Girls) - Varsity
Upper School Field Trip
Winter Sailing
Baseball - Middle School - Royal
Equestrian - Spring
Golf (Boys) Junior Varsity
Golf (Boys) Varsity
Golf - Middle School
Sand Volleyball
Softball - Middle School
Softball - Varsity
Swimming - Upper School
Tennis - Boys Varsity
Tennis - Middle School
Track and Field (Coed) - Middle School - Delphic
Track and Field (Coed) - Middle School - PBL
Track and Field (Coed) - Varsity
Upper School Field Trip
Volleyball - Boys 8th Middle School
Volleyball - Boys 7th Middle School
Volleyball - Boys Junior Varsity
Volleyball - Boys Varsity
Windward Athletics Mission and Philosophy
In conjunction with the school's mission statement, the Windward School Athletic Department seeks to achieve athletic excellence and provide dynamic experiences for students to develop a passion for his/her sport.

Windward Athletics lets students of all levels and abilities participate in sports and gain valuable experience while they develop their skills. Former Olympians and professional athletes provide elite levels of instruction that hone skills, sportsmanship, and values. Learn more about our top-flight coaches. Windward teams have won numerous league victories and championships, including California Interscholastic Federation (CIF) and League titles in volleyball, soccer, basketball, tennis, and football. Recently, the Boys and Girls Varsity Basketball teams won California State Championships. Our scholar-athletes are prepared to continue their success: nearly 20% of seniors in 2012 are playing sports in college, where they excel both athletically and academically.

Upcoming Games
Thursday, April 24, 2014
Hammer Museum - Zemel
Global Studies - Dermalogica - Eryn Hoffman
Service Project Willens STEAM NIGHT
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Varsity Match (8)
3:00 PM  @ Woodland Hills Country Club
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Track and Field (Coed) - Varsity
3:00 PM  @ West L.A. College
Directions | Map | Transportation
Softball - Middle School
3:30 PM  @ Playing Fields - Foley Field - 1
Baseball - Middle School - Royal
3:45 PM  @ Brentwood
Directions | Map | Transportation
CIF Invitational
8:00 AM  @ Ojai Valley Inn
Directions | Map | Transportation
Windward Alumni Athletes