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Boys Sand Volleyball
Cross Country (Coed) - Middle School
Cross Country (Coed) - Varsity
Equestrian - Fall
Fall Sailing
Flag Football - 7th Grade Royal
Flag Football - 7th Grade White
Flag Football - 8th Grade
Football (Boys) - Varsity
Football JV
Middle School Field Trip
Middle School Swimming
Tennis (Girls) - Junior Varsity
Tennis (Girls) - Middle School
Tennis (Girls) - Varsity
Upper School Field Trip
Volleyball (Girls) - Junior Varsity
Volleyball (Girls) - Varsity
Volleyball (Girls) 7th Middle School
Volleyball (Girls) 8th Middle School
Basketball (Boys) - 7th Royal
Basketball (Boys) - 8th Royal
Basketball (Boys) - Junior Varsity
Basketball (Boys) - Varsity
Basketball (Girls) - Delphic A Girls
Basketball (Girls) - Junior Varsity
Basketball (Girls) - PBL A Girls
Basketball (Girls) - PBL B Girls
Basketball (Girls) - Varsity
Equestrian - Winter
Middle School Field Trip
Soccer (Boys) - Junior Varsity
Soccer (Boys) - Middle School Royal
Soccer (Boys) - Middle School White
Soccer (Boys) - Varsity
Soccer (Girls) - Middle School Royal
Soccer (Girls) - Varsity
Soccer (Girls) Middle School White
Upper School Field Trip
Winter Sailing
Baseball - Middle School - Royal
Baseball JV
Equestrian - Spring
Golf (Boys) Junior Varsity
Golf (Boys) Varsity
Golf - Middle School
Middle School Field Trip
Sand Volleyball
Softball - Middle School
Softball - Varsity
Swimming - Upper School
Tennis - Boys Varsity
Tennis - Middle School
Track and Field (Coed) - Middle School - Delphic
Track and Field (Coed) - Middle School - PBL
Track and Field (Coed) - Varsity
Upper School Field Trip
Volleyball - Boys 8th Middle School
Volleyball - Boys 7th Middle School
Volleyball - Boys Junior Varsity
Volleyball - Boys Varsity
Windward Advances to Championship Game
Windward was outstanding on both sides of the ball as it shutout Westside Neighborhood School 28-0 in a semifinal playoff game.  The first touchdown came on a 5-yard pass from Tyler S. to Kyle M.  The team's following possession ended when Tyler S. hooked up with Corey S-L on a 4-yard touchdown pass.  Those same two players were at it again just before halftime when they connected from 39 yards out.  Windward closed out the scoring barrage when Tyler S. and Nico S. teamed up on a 5-yard touchdown pass.  The win puts Windward in the championship game, extending a streak of championship game appearances that has gone on for over a decade.

A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood
In its finest performance of the season, Windward routed Westside Neighborhood 36-14 and earned the #2 seed for next week's playoffs.  Windward scored on five consecutive possessions to lead 36-0 before cruising to the win.  The scoring started on a 60-yard return for touchdown on the opening kickoff by Jules B.  The next possession ended on a 48-yard touchdown pass from Tyler S. to Kyle M.  The third possession culminated on a 62-yard touchdown pass play from Tyler S. to Corey S-L.  Jules B. scored his second touchdown of the game when he caught a 32-yard pass from Tyler S. on the fourth possession.  Leading 30-0 at the half, Windward then scored on its first possession of the second half when Tyler S. and Corey S-L. hooked up for the second time, this one from 38 yards out.

Calvary Cannot Save The Day
After Windward took a 14-0 lead against Calvary Christian in Thursday's flag football game, the home-team Cougars rallied to close the gap to 14-7.  This set the stage for late-game heroics for one team or the other.  With 40 seconds left, on fourth-and-goal from the 10 yard line, Calvary threw the ball into the endzone, where Jules B. knocked the ball away to preserve the win for the Wildcats.  Windward's first score came on a 20 yard pass from Tyler S. to Jules B.  The second touchdown came on a diving catch by Kyle M., on another pass from Tyler S.  The defense also played extremely well, as the front five stifled the Calvary running game.
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Flag Football - 8th Grade
2013 - 2014
Head Coach: Ken Asher
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Ben Watson, 6'3" 255 pound TE 
Champ Bailey, CB, who ran a 4.28 40 at the NFL Combine