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Boys Sand Volleyball
Cross Country (Coed) - Middle School
Cross Country (Coed) - Varsity
Equestrian - Fall
Flag Football - 7th Grade Royal
Flag Football - 7th Grade White
Flag Football - 8th Grade
Football (Boys) - Varsity
Football JV
Golf - Middle School
Middle School Field Trip
Middle School Swimming
Tennis (Girls) - Junior Varsity
Tennis (Girls) - Middle School
Tennis (Girls) - Varsity
Upper School Field Trip
Volleyball (Girls) - Junior Varsity
Volleyball (Girls) - Varsity
Volleyball (Girls) 7th Middle School
Volleyball (Girls) 8th Middle School
Basketball (Boys) - 7th Royal
Basketball (Boys) - 8th Royal
Basketball (Boys) - Junior Varsity
Basketball (Boys) - Varsity
Basketball (Girls) - Delphic A Girls
Basketball (Girls) - Junior Varsity
Basketball (Girls) - PBL A Girls
Basketball (Girls) - PBL B Girls
Basketball (Girls) - Varsity
Equestrian - Winter
Golf - Middle School
Middle School Field Trip
Soccer (Boys) - Junior Varsity
Soccer (Boys) - Middle School Black
Soccer (Boys) - Middle School Royal
Soccer (Boys) - Middle School White
Soccer (Boys) - Varsity
Soccer (Girls) - Middle School Royal
Soccer (Girls) - Varsity
Soccer (Girls) Middle School White
Upper School Field Trip
Baseball - Middle School - Royal
Baseball JV
Equestrian - Spring
Golf (Boys) Junior Varsity
Golf (Boys) Varsity
Golf - Middle School
Golf - Middle School
Middle School Field Trip
Sand Volleyball
Softball - Middle School
Softball - Varsity
Swimming - Upper School
Tennis - Boys Varsity
Tennis - Middle School
Track and Field (Coed) - Middle School - Delphic
Track and Field (Coed) - Middle School - PBL
Track and Field (Coed) - Varsity
Upper School Field Trip
Volleyball - Boys 8th Middle School
Volleyball - Boys 7th Middle School
Volleyball - Boys Junior Varsity
Volleyball - Boys Varsity
Sand Volleyball Starts the Season 1-1
The Sand Volleyball Team had a great showing at the the first beach event of the season. During the competition three doubles matches are played simultaneously and the school who wins at least two matches wins that round. The first round of play against Marymount had some close matches and  our team was able to pull out an overall win by winning 2 matches and loosing 1. The second round of play against Saddleback Christian proved to be even more competitive. When the first two matches were finished the match score was 1 to1. The last match of the round came down to the third game which we lost in a tight 3 game, hard fought match. The team is looking forward to the next competition and continuing to improve on their past performances.

Sand Volleybal Comes to Windward
The inaugural Sand Volleyball season will begin in February with tournaments starting in March and running through the end of May.  See schedule below.
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Sand Volleyball
2012 - 2013
Head Coach: Jenny Johnson Jordan
Windward is excited to announce the inaugural season of Sand Volleyball this spring.  We are thrilled to announce that the head coach will be Windward alumna, UCLA National Champion, Olympic Participant, and professional AVP beach volleyball player Jenny Johnson Jordan. The season will begin in February and tournaments will run March through the end of May. Come out and watch this exciting sport as its growth continues throughout Southern California.

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