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Windward Athletics

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Boys Sand Volleyball
Cross Country (Coed) - Middle School
Cross Country (Coed) - Varsity
Equestrian - Fall
Flag Football - 7th Grade Royal
Flag Football - 7th Grade White
Flag Football - 8th Grade
Football (Boys) - Varsity
Football JV
Middle School Field Trip
Middle School Swimming
Tennis (Girls) - Junior Varsity
Tennis (Girls) - Middle School
Tennis (Girls) - Varsity
Upper School Field Trip
Volleyball (Girls) - Junior Varsity
Volleyball (Girls) - Varsity
Volleyball (Girls) 7th Middle School
Volleyball (Girls) 8th Middle School
Basketball (Boys) - 7th Royal
Basketball (Boys) - 8th Royal
Basketball (Boys) - Junior Varsity
Basketball (Boys) - Varsity
Basketball (Girls) - Delphic A Girls
Basketball (Girls) - Junior Varsity
Basketball (Girls) - PBL A Girls
Basketball (Girls) - PBL B Girls
Basketball (Girls) - Varsity
Equestrian - Winter
Middle School Field Trip
Soccer (Boys) - Junior Varsity
Soccer (Boys) - Middle School Royal
Soccer (Boys) - Middle School White
Soccer (Boys) - Varsity
Soccer (Girls) - Middle School Royal
Soccer (Girls) - Varsity
Soccer (Girls) Middle School White
Upper School Field Trip
Baseball - Middle School - Royal
Baseball JV
Equestrian - Spring
Golf (Boys) Junior Varsity
Golf (Boys) Varsity
Golf - Middle School
Middle School Field Trip
Sand Volleyball
Softball - Middle School
Softball - Varsity
Swimming - Upper School
Tennis - Boys Varsity
Tennis - Middle School
Track and Field (Coed) - Middle School - Delphic
Track and Field (Coed) - Middle School - PBL
Track and Field (Coed) - Varsity
Upper School Field Trip
Volleyball - Boys 8th Middle School
Volleyball - Boys 7th Middle School
Volleyball - Boys Junior Varsity
Volleyball - Boys Varsity
Windward Athletics Mission and Philosophy
The mission of the department is to provide an environment for student-athletic development that supports the pursuit of the highest level of success athletically and academically for the growth of the whole person. The purpose of the athletic programs at Windward School is to support the overall mission, goals, and objectives of the school by complimenting its primary academic pursuits with championship sports programs. Additionally, Windward School Athletics supports “Pursuing Victory with Honor."

If you have questions about an upper of middle school program or sport please reach out the the corresponding Associate Athletic Director:

Tyrone Powell
310-391-7127 x1064
Football, Girls and Boys Tennis, Boys Soccer, Softball and Baseball

Michelle McGuire
310-391-7127 x1063
Boys and Girls Volleyball, Girls Soccer, Equestrian, Girls and Boys Swimming, and Spirit Team

Vanessa Nygaard
310-391-7127 x1049
Girls Basketball, Girls and Boys Cross Country, Boys and Girls Track and Field, Golf, Sailing
Varsity Football: Windward vs. Excelsior

Windward vs. Excelsior
Upcoming Games
Friday, September 19, 2014
Woodbridge Classic
5:00 PM  @ Orange County Great Park
Directions | Map | Transportation
Saturday, September 20, 2014
North Tournament @ Torrance
More Info
Laguna Blanca Scrimmage
1:00 PM  @ Will Rogers State Beach
Directions | Map | More Info
IBVL Tournament - REF
10:00 AM  @ Dockweiler Beach
IBVL Tournament - Palisades
11:00 AM  @ Dockweiler Beach
IBVL Tournament - Mira Costa
9:00 AM  @ Dockweiler Beach
Monday, September 22, 2014
Tennis (Girls) - Varsity
3:00 PM  @ Weddington Golf & Tennis
Directions | Map | Transportation
Tennis (Girls) - Varsity VS Campbell Hall
3:30 PM  @ Mar Vista Tennis Courts
Directions | Map
Flag Football - 7th Grade Royal
3:30 PM  @ St. Matthew's
Directions | Map | Transportation
Flag Football - 8th Grade
4:00 PM  @ Playing Fields - Foley Field - 1
Flag Football - 8th Grade VS Pacific Hills
Windward Alumni Athletes